Use Cases
There are many reasons for using Velocity. You can create environments for every pull request, work on multiple features at the same time without disrupting others, and more. See below for some of the use cases.
  • Developing complex environments that cannot run locally: You need access to multiple resources, but to do so locally would make your computer overload. Velocity enables you to work on one or more components of your environment without having to worry about running everything on your computer. You can work locally to develop one or more microservices, while the rest of the environment runs on the cloud. No need to worry about overheating laptops!
  • Front or back end development against an isolated environment: Whether you're a frontend, full-stack or backend developer, you often are working on something that requires access to additional resources that you may not have access to without deploying to a shared environment. With Velocity, any developer can spin up self-serve, isolated environments with all the right context and relevant data to develop, debug and work against - without needing to disrupt any other developer.
  • Future Development Environments: What happens when you need to work and integrate with a new feature that doesn't exist in production? Velocity allows you to get an environment with a future branch of one (or more) components, so you can replicate what will be in production - without having to worry about just deploying it and potentially breaking production.
  • Collaborate with designers, product, QA and other stakeholders. Each environment can have a public URL that can be shared with non-engineers so they can browse and see the current status of development. As you develop and make changes, other stakeholders are interacting with this environment and giving instant feedback. This leads to faster feedback loops to accelerate product delivery by shifting left and fixing errors earlier in the SDLC (software development lifecycle). Moreover, your sales and marketing teams can also use these custom URLs for demo environments.
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