Deployment Strategies

Deployment strategy defines the way new code is being deployed to the cluster. Velocity currently supports these types:

  • Replace

  • Shadow

Regardless of the chosen deployment strategy, at the end of any Velocity session, the cluster will be restored to the previous state.

More deployment strategies will be supported soon - Contact us for specific request.

Replace Strategy

Replace strategy is the default deployment strategy used when starting a Velocity session.

Using this type of deployment strategy, the chosen application will be replaced - And will restart with the updated code from your local machine.

In this illustrative example, the chosen app to replace is called 'Developed-Service':

As shown in the illustration, the application's networking configuration, defined using 'backend-Service a' and 'backend-Service c', are automatically configured by Velocity to the new application.

Replacing the current workload means only a single user can work with Velocity on that app. For multiple users wanting to work on the same app, we offer using Shadow strategy.

Shadow Strategy

This deployment strategy can be useful for teams of multiple developers working together simultaneously on the same application, as it creates a replica for each user, without affecting the original app's incoming traffic.

Using this type of the deployment strategy, another replica of the desired app will be instantiated, without its Kubernetes Service. Since the new replica doesn't have a Kubernetes Service, it will not receive inbound network traffic, but only send outbound traffic to any connected Kubernetes Service.

Keep in mind that if the developed app has a data input source (e.g. a DB or a queue service) configured in the application level, the data will be affected by the new replica.

Changing the Deployment Strategy of an existing Velocity Run Configuration

In order to start working with the "Shadow" deployment strategy, or to switch between deployment strategy, please choose the Velocity run configuration you'd like to edit and navigate to the Velocity run configuration edit screen:

When the edit form has opened, select your desired deployment strategy under the "Session Strategy" dropdown menu, and hit OK to save and close the edit form:

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