Privacy and Security FAQs

Is Velocity SOC2 compliant?

Yes, Velocity is SOC2 Type2 compliant.

Reports are available upon request, and under MNDA; please get in touch with us here

What data will be sent from my cluster to Velocity?

No data will be sent from your cluster to Velocity

Where is my data stored?

Because Velocity builds your images in your cluster, no application data is stored in Velocity.

Is there anything installed on my cluster?

Yes. Velocity installs a minimal footprint on your cluster to facilitate the remote building of images from your local Dockerfiles β€” no operator installed.

What cluster permissions do I need to run Velocity?

Velocity uses the existing Kubernetes RBAC defined in your cluster and doesn’t create any additional permissions to run.

You only need common permissions to apply changes to your cluster. For example, if you can run kubectl apply -f <manifest.yaml> then you can work with Velocity.

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