Welcome to Velocity

Velocity streamlines the development and debugging of code within complex Kubernetes environments, whether local or remote, enabling it to operate as though it were running on a local machine directly from your IDE.

This method significantly reduces the time it takes to receive feedback during development by simulating a realistic environment and facilitating rapid progress. Velocity eliminates the need for lengthy CI processes for minor adjustments, offering immediate feedback from the remote cluster.

Thereafter, you can seamlessly validate and commit the code, and initiate the CI process.

How Velocity Works

  1. As you update your code, the Velocity IDE plugin:

    1. syncs the new code to your Kubernetes cluster

    2. builds the required artifacts

    3. spins up the new microservice with the latest changes

  2. Velocity connects your IDE debugger to the remote microservice, allowing you to try out and debug the newly deployed code.

  3. Any additional changes trigger the same sync flow for the microservice.

Supported languages

  • Go 1.16+

  • Python 2.7; 3+

  • Java

  • Kotlin

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