Port Forwarding

The Port Forward feature is in Beta. In case you would like to get it, please reach out to support@velocity.tech


Velocity allows developers to configure port forward to remote services for local access. Using Velocity, you can set a list of port forwards and start/stop as needed.

This guide explains how to configure a port forward using Velocity

Configuring a new port forward

  1. Open the Velocity Panel

  2. Select the "Port Forward" tab

  3. Click on the + button

  1. Provide the details of the workload that you would like to use

  2. Set the local port (the port that you will use to access the workload)

  3. Set the remote port (the port that the workload expects to get traffic on)

  1. Click on "Done"

Once the new port forward is created, it will be automatically started. You can disable it by clicking on the Status toggle

Supported IDEs

  • JetBrains- Supported

  • VS Code- Coming Soon

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