Basic concepts

Base and run configurations

To share configurations, you'll need to first understand the difference between the following configuration types:

Base configuration

The Base Configuration contains all the values that are shared between users. It can be a fully ready-to-go configuration or a partial one. Using a Base Configuration, developers get all the values that were defined, updating only those that weren't defined when creating their Run configuration.

Base configurations are saved on Velocity's cloud and are agnostic to the IDE type.

See Create a Base configuration to create a configuration that you can share with your team.

Run configuration

The configuration that is being used when running a Velocity session. The Run configuration is developer-specific and is saved on the developers' machine. The Run configuration can be created from scratch or it can be based on a Base configuration.

Changes made to a Run configuration do not impact the Base configuration.

See Create a Run configuration from a Base configuration to leverage an existing configuration that someone shared with you.

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