Creating Base Configurations

Create and share base configurations with your team

Once a base configuration is created for a service, all developers from the same account can consume it when they create their own configuration, reducing the configuration effort to a minimum.

  • There are no required fields for a Base Configuration. Missing fields will be asked from the developer when creating a Run Configuration

  • It's not recommended to add fields that will change when different developers will consume the Base. For example- if you are using aliases when working with multiple clusters, it's recommended to not set the K8s Context field as it might be different when other developers will consume the Base

  • Only users with the required permission can create/edit/delete Base Configurations

  • Creating Base Configurations is supported only on JetBrains IDEs

Creating a base configuration

  1. Navigate to Edit Configuration...

  1. Choose the run configuration that you would like to save as a base configuration.

  2. Click Save as Base Configuration.

  1. Edit any of the fields depending on the goal of the configuration.

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