Creating Base Configurations


Once a Base Configuration is created for a service, all developers from the same account will be able to consume it when they create their own configuration and reduce the configuration effort to minimum

Creating a Base Configuration

To create a Base Configuration, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Edit Run Configuration screen

  1. Choose the run configuration that you would like to save as a Base Configuration

  2. Click on the Save as Base Configuration button

  1. Edit the fields of the Base Configuration

Base Configuration Notes

  1. There are no required fields for a Base Configuration. Missing fields will be asked from the developer when creating a Run Configuration

  2. It's not recommended to add fields that will change when different developers will consume the Base. For example- if you are using aliases when working with multiple clusters, it's recommended to not set the K8s Context field as it might be different when other developers will consume the Base

  3. Only users with the required permission can create/edit/delete Base Configurations

  4. Creating Base Configurations is supported only on JetBrains IDEs

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