General FAQs

Which languages are supported?

Currently, Velocity supports:

  • Go (Golang) version 1.16+

  • Python versions 3.7+ and 2.7. Python 2.7 is not supported with VSCode.

Additional language support is being added all the time, so please reach out and let us know what languages you'd like to work with in Velocity.

Which IDEs are supported?

Velocity supports v1.79.0 of VSCode (for Golang) and v2022.3+ of JetBrains IDEs such as Goland and PyCharm.

Which cloud providers are supported?

Velocity supports clusters deployed both locally and by any and all cloud providers.

Which versions of the AWS CLI are supported?

Velocity supports versions ranging from v1.23.6+

Which versions of GKE are supported?

Velocity supports v1.22+

NOTE: versions of GKE released before v1.26 require the installation of the gke-gcloud-auth-plugin.

Which Kubernetes versions are supported?

Velocity supports a wide range of Kubernetes release versions. Currently, the earliest supported release is 1.16.0.

Which Docker versions are supported?

Because Velocity builds your container images directly in your cluster, you can have any Docker version running locally -- or skip installing Docker locally altogether.

Does Velocity work with GitOps tools?

Yes. Velocity works with GitOps tools; however, additional configuration may be required to "pause" the GitOps process of realigning the cluster with your designated repository.

Does Velocity work with HPA / KEDA?

Yes. When a user with RBAC permissions to update HPA / KEDA resources starts a Velocity development session, Velocity will automatically update these resources for the duration of the dev session as follows:

  • For a debug session, the maximum number of replicas is set to 1.

  • For a run session, the minimum number of replicas is set to 1.

NOTE: These updates are reverted when the development session concludes.

No. Velocity is built for development environments. Code changes might incur downtime and are not meant for highly-available environments.

Which Python frameworks and web servers are supported?

While additional frameworks are likely to work with Velocity, the following are known to work:

  • Flask

  • Django

  • Fastapi

  • Uvicorn

  • Gunicorn

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