The Velocity Toolbar

The Velocity toolbar, located just above the Velocity console in your JetBrains IDE, makes it simple to manage your development experience during a Velocity session.
During a Velocity session, you will see the following options in the Velocity toolbar:
Automated sync: You can control the frequency with which Velocity rebuilds your remote container based on your local code changes by toggling the Automated sync button.
When Automated sync is "ON," Velocity will rebuild the remote container image every time you save a change to your local code. When it is "OFF," Velocity will only rebuild your remote image when you manually click the "Sync Code" button at the far left of the toolbar.
Sync Code: Velocity leverages advanced caching to speed up build times as you develop. However, if you want to override these caches and rebuild the remote container image completely based on your current, local source code, you can click the Sync Code button.
Additionally, if you have Automated sync toggled to the "OFF" position, you can update your remote container image by clicking the Sync Code button.
Rerun: The Rerun button will restart the selected Velocity configuration.
Stop: The Stop button will stop the current Velocity session.
Scroll to End: Scroll to the end of the Velocity console output.
Clear All: Clear all output in the Velocity console.