The Veloignore file

From within your build context, the Velocity .veloignore file enables you to explicitly ignore files that are updated during a development session (relevant for path mapping as well).

The.veloignore file works similarly to a .gitignore file, enabling you to list filenames and glob patterns. However, for the .veloignore file, paths should be absolute relative to the root filesystem folder.

Files and folders that are listed in the file are ignored and will not be watched for changes during a Velocity development session. This means that changes to files matching patterns that are included in the .veloignore will not trigger a rebuild during a Velocity development session.

File location

The .veloignore file is automatically created when you create a configuration, either from scratch or from the Wizard. The file must be stored within the root of the relevant IDE project, which is also the same level as the.gitignore file.

Example .veloignore file

# Ignore development and build files

# Ignore test files

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