Install Velocity

1. Sign up for a new Velocity account

  • Click "Continue with Google" (To connect with your identity provider, contact us via Slack or email)
  • Done. Welcome to Velocity!

2. Install the CLI

# via Homebrew
brew install techvelocity/tap/veloctl
# or with a script
curl -fsSL | sh -s
# Via snapcraft
sudo snap install veloctl --classic
# or with a script
curl -fsSL | sh -s

3. Authenticate to Velocity

veloctl auth login
When you run the above, you'll be redirected to the following confirmation modal. Click "Confirm".
After clicking "Confirm", you'll see a confirmation page. Close the tab and go back to your terminal.
Confirm that you are welcomed with your expected account name:
Attempting to automatically open the login page in your default browser.
If the browser does not open or you wish to use a different device to authorize this request, open the following URL:
and verify the following code appears:
* Fetching underlying Kubernetes cluster configuration...
* Stored context 'velocity-VELOACME' locally (`/Users/Marty/.kube/config`).
Welcome, Marty McFly ([email protected])!

- AD

List your environments:
$ veloctl env list-services
There are no service definitions in your account.
We still don't have any services onboarded. To start onboarding Velocity Services, follow the next steps.

Next steps