Argo CD and Velocity

What is Argo CD?

Argo CD is a GitOps, continuous delivery (CD) tool for Kubernetes. It works by polling a Git repository to watch for changes to Kubernetes resource definitions, which it then compares to the current state of a deployed application in your K8s cluster.
When the definition contained in your repository is out of sync with the currently deployed application in your K8s cluster, Argo CD generates reports and automatically syncs the live state back to the desired target state.
Moreover, with Argo CD, changes to your K8s definitions that are pushed to your Git repo can be automatically applied to your live application running in K8s.

How does Velocity work?

Velocity works by spinning up any number of parallel, ephemeral dev environments that are based on your K8s infrastructure and application definitions.
These definitions can be in the form of Kustomize applications, Helm charts, or plain YAML manifests, which need to be augmented with Velocity Annotations and Templates in order to avoid namespace collisions for parallel environments and to facilitate Velocity's dynamic networking solution.

Combining Argo CD and Velocity

Applications that include Argo CD resources for continuous delivery are compatible with Velocity.
Keep using Argo CD for your production and staging environments. In your development cluster where you run Velocity environments, Argo CD doesn't need to be installed.
Velocity consumes Kustomize applications, Helm charts, or plain YAML manifests similarly to Argo CD.
This way, you can use both of these tools independently, and they won't affect each other.


Velocity and Argo CD complete one another, Argo CD keeps long-living environments in sync with your source configuration, and Velocity spins up ephemeral dev environments from your source configuration.