Enable Cloud Resources (AWS)

If you want to use AWS resources in your Velocity Environments, you need to give the operator permission to create cloud resources on your behalf.
  • AWS CLI installed and authenticated
  • Helm installed

Run the Velocity Operator Cloud Resource Setup Wizard

veloctl operator enable-cloud-resources
NOTE: Currently, only the following AWS cloud resources are supported by the operator:
S3; SQS; SNS; DynamoDB
When you run the above command, the Cloud Resource Setup Wizard will walk you through the following steps:
  • A new AWS IAM role associated with a specific service region will be created
  • This IAM role will be granted full access to S3, SQS, SNS, and DynamoDB resources
  • An access key will be generated for this new IAM role
  • The operator will use this access key to authenticate with AWS