Upload a DB Snapshot

The data seeding process will fail if we don't first upload a snapshot file, because there won't be any data for our job to insert into the database. To upload a snapshot file, we can use the snapshot put command, like so:
veloctl snapshot put --target seedjob-1 -f snapshot-1.gz --default
veloctl snapshot put --target seedjob-2 -f snapshot-2.gz --default
veloctl snapshot put --target seedjob-3 -f snapshot-3.gz -n snapshot3
Note that we have uploaded three snapshot files. Each one is associated with a different target, and two are associated with the default snapshot group, and the third is creating a new snapshot group, feature-a.
NOTE: --target will align with the of your k8s seeding job.

Updating snapshots in your cloud storage bucket

We can overwrite the snapshot associated with a given --target value in our cloud storage bucket by passing a new file to the snapshot put command.
For example, below we are overwriting the snapshot file associated with seedingjob-1 we uploaded above.
veloctl snapshot put --target seedjob-1 -f snapshot-new --default