Install the Velocity Operator

This is an advanced tutorial for installing the Velocity Operator
With the Velocity Operator, you can use Velocity on any Kubernetes cluster. Follow the instructions below to install the operator in your cluster.

Installation via the UI

Click here to install via the UI.

Installation with the Velocity CLI

With veloctl installed and authenticated to your Velocity account, you can install the Velocity Operator in an existing cluster from the command line.
$ minikube create
  • Install the Velocity Operator, like so: Notice that you need to select the kubernetes cluster to install into
$ veloctl operator install
Velocity repository Added.
? Use k8s context 'arn:aws:eks:eu-central-1:5678:cluster/dev'? (Y/n) n
Select K8s Context:
Use the arrow keys to navigate: ↓ ↑ → ← and / toggles search
? Please select k8s context to use:
▸ minikube
✔ minikube
? We will now install the Velocity Operator on the selected cluster 'minikube', on namespace 'velocity'. Confirm? (Y/n)
? In order to continue, we need a context - a token to be used to identify the operator. Please select whether you already have a token, or you want to create it now:
▸ New
Existing (I have a token)
✔ New
Please enter a name for the context: minikube
Please enter the domain you wish to use: localhost
  • Confirm that the context has been added to your Velocity account and that the operator is "Active."

Upgrading the Velocity Operator

When a new version is released, you can use the following commands to install the latest version of the Velocity Operator:
helm repo update
helm get values -n velocity velocity-operator -o yaml | helm upgrade velocity-operator velocity/velocity-operator -n velocity -f -