Downloading a Blueprint

Velocity Blueprints can be created from various types of input. For example, a user-defined YAML manifest can be committed to a Blueprint with the CLI, or a Blueprint can be created with Velocity Services listed in the Velocity Service Catalog via the Velocity UI.
As such, you may need to download either your complete Blueprint or a portion of it that is drawn from a specific Blueprint Source to get full visibility into your current Blueprint definition.

Download your full Blueprint

The following command will download your full Blueprint and write the output to a file called full_blueprint.yaml:
veloctl blueprint get > full_blueprint.yaml

Download a portion of your Blueprint by Blueprint Source

The following will download a portion of your current Blueprint that is associated with a given Blueprint Source and write the output to a file called partial_blueprint.yaml:
veloctl blueprint get --source <source_name> > partial_blueprint.yaml