Velocity in JetBrains

Navigating Velocity actions when using JetBrains

Two areas in your IDE help you work with Velocity:

JetBrains IDE configurations toolbar

Use the IDE toolbar to quickly configure Velocity configurations, edit configurations, switch between different configurations, troubleshoot configurations with issues, and run configurations.

Velocity console (tool window) and toolbar

To view the Velocity console and toolbar, go to the IDE View=>Tool Windows and select Velocity.

The Velocity toolbar, located just above the Velocity console in your JetBrains IDE, makes it simple to manage your development experience during a Velocity session.

During a Velocity session, you will see the following options in the Velocity toolbar:

Automatic sync (soon to be deprecated)

Toggle this button to control the frequency with which Velocity rebuilds your remote container based on your local code changes.

When ON, Velocity rebuilds the remote container image every time you save a change to your local code. When OFF, Velocity only rebuilds the remote image or restarts the remote process when you manually click Rebuild or Synct&Restart.

Sync & Restart

For uncompiled (interpreted) languages, such as Python and Node.js, click Sync & Restart to sync the local project files to your remote container without waiting for a full remote rebuild of the image. Once the files are synced, the remote process restarts and code changes are made locally.

For changes that require building the image (for example, changing the requirements.txt file or updating the Dockerfile) require a rebuild in order to deploy the changes properly in the remote environment.

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