Path mappings


When debugging a remote application, the debugger needs to map a code file in the local machine to the same code file in the target machine so that when there is a breakpoint hit in the application that runs on the target machine, the debugger will know which code file on the local machine is the relevant file and allow the developer to debug it.

When do I need to configure the path mapping?

In most cases, Velocity will automatically configure the path mapping for you (that's our magic 🪄).

However, there are cases that the developer will need to configure it manually:

  1. When the code you would like to debug and update is outside the configured

  2. When you use a configuration that is based on an existing workload and not on a docker file

Configure path mapping

What needs to be configured?

For every code file that is part of the application, Velocity needs to know the mapping from the local machine to the path on the remote file system of the container.

For example:

In case my local worker code is at /Users/john/projects/my_app/src/workerand the path of the worker on the target file system is at /app/worker

The path mapping should look like this:

The local path can use a relative path to the project's root or the absolute path

The remote path must use the absolute path

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