Install Velocity in Visual Studio

Install Velocity in Visual Studio Code for development and remote debugging


Before you start developing and debugging with Velocity, ensure you have the following essentials:

  • Kubernetes Environment: A running Kubernetes cluster hosting the service you intend to develop or debug.

  • Cluster Permissions: Necessary permissions for the Kubernetes cluster, such as the ability to deploy pods.

  • Visual Studio Code IDE: Your Visual Studio Code Integrated Development Environment (IDE) should be updated to version 1.79.0 and above.

With these prerequisites in place, you're all set to leverage Velocity for your development and debugging needs.


  1. Click the Extensions icon from the Activity Bar on the side of your IDE and search for Velocity.

  2. Click Install. The Velocity tab opens in the main view of the IDE and the extension is downloaded along with the necessary resources.

Once the installation is complete, the Getting Started with Velocity tab launches and the Install button changes to the gear button.

  1. Click Login to Velocity. The browser opens a tab for authentication. Complete the login process and then go back to the Velocity Walkthrough in your IDE.

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